DeCalls Whitepaper

Revenue Sharing NFTs (Future Traders)

Launching a collection of 15,000 NFTs - Future Traders. 100% of the revenue made on the platform will be shared among the holders. Instead of taking a cut from the rev share, the team will allocate 10% of the total Future Traders supply to cover for business costs going forward. Rev share has proven to be the best model to provide immediate benefits to early supporters and align our own incentives with the community.
As we enter a blue ocean of opportunity by creating a new niche, we cannot guarantee a certain amount of revenue, but we want to provide a range that is very achievable in the short- to mid-term.
Annual Yield is calculated with the NFT price / 12 months and 5% platform fee on options trading. The top tier NFTs that currently exist on the market and share their revenue yield around 40% annually.
Despite the traditional markets being roughly the same size as the options market, we chose to start with a conservative estimate with a short term goal of 10k SOL ~ 5% of daily NFT volumes on the entire Solana.

Presale Details

Tier 1 presale Max 100 spots for the DAO, 3.33 sol (2k cap total)
Tier 2 presale Max 100 spots for the DAO, 4.44 sol (2k cap total)
Tier 3 presale Max 100 spots for the DAO, 5.55 sol (2k cap total)